Sunday, 22 November 2015

How to connect your Laptop to your TV using HDMi*

There are so many people like using Cable TV and satellite TV bills by spending huge amount of the money for content which is available on Internet for free or else for low price.  Using YouTube, hulu* and online live streaming Subscription few of them are watching thousands of movies and hundreds of TV episode series.

 Seeing Movies and TV episode series on HD TV is far better than the content seeing at Computer screens. Latest new upgraded Laptop came into Market with an Intel® Core™ Processor, your laptop may have Intel® WiDi1 built in, which means that with an adapter you could connect your laptop to your TV wirelessly.

In the Below the Article, Let me explain how to connect the laptop and TV for older system
I will show you how to connect a Simple HDMI* cable to connect your laptop to an HDTV as if you can watch anything on your Big Screen by controlling your Laptop or desktop Computer.
-         Main thing you need to have a Computer that has HDMI* port , HDMI cable and an HDTV that you can use to plug into and watch
HDMI *  = High Definition Multimedia Interface*

Turns out that there are two types of HDMI cable, a fat one that you probably already have if you have an HDTV, and a very slim unidirectional cable that requires you plug it in with the correct orientation: “TV” needs to be plugged into the TV on mine.

-         Connect your HDMI wire to both your PC and HDTV to its matching inputs.
Configure Your PC to Use HDMI*

-         Sometimes HDMI* doesn’t work for Windows* when you plug in at that time you have apply power it up and tell the computer to send signal on line.
-         In control panels – Select – Adjust Screen resolution – Windows
-         You can see two different displays but one of them will be disable
-         Click on 2nd Monitor – select – Extend the Desktop onto this Monitor
-         Click “Apply
-         HDTV screen will come to the life and will show you a Windows desktop back ground photograph
-         If it’s doesn’t try again, sometimes you have to apply more than  once
-         Second Screen resolution must be minimum 1100x650. You need have best resolution
-         Back ground photo will spread across the Entire TV screen.
-         You can adjust volume on your TV and Computer
-         You have done a great hard work
-         Take a rest
-         Sit freely and watch your movies by browsing
-         Using mouse , click and drag the title bar to the right of web window.
-         Turn off computer screen, as if it moves it must appear on the TV screen
-         Extend your desktop onto the second display so that you drag anything on TV. Even its may think second monitor.
-         Start play with the content you like to watch.
-         Click on the “Full screen” that helps to content to spread all over the TV screen
-         Sit back. Enjoy.
-         This process may be hard for  you but once you do it will work able and relief. You save money using internet instead of the TV cable.

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