SEO tips by DOZ | SEO tips and tricks

  • Information on your site needs to be properly marked up and organized for search engines to crawl your site effectively.
  • Beware of negative SEO
  • Develop an editorial strategy for your content
  • Use keywords in Subheadings
  • update title tags and meta descriptions to include any holiday promotions
  • Think about the user: consider site speed, mobile, content and mark up
  • URL Structure should be short, descriptive, and help to categorize your website.
  • find out the most popular search engine in your target country.
  • redirect non WWW to WWW or vice versa
  • set your preferred domain in Google webmaster tools
  • avoid deprecated HTML tags and attributes
  • externally reference your java script and CSS
  • Make your h1 and title target the same key phrase
  • sort out your pages with rel="prev" and rel="next"
  • Get a separate image sitemap and tag them all properly
  • Avoid Query strings in your URLs
  • structure your data markups
  • only link internally when relevant
  • always link to authoritative sites or news sources.
  • page load time is a ranking factor
  • mobile- friendly sites rank higher on smartphone SERPs
  • Long tail key phrases will convert better
  • Retire your products with redirects when you stop selling them
  • Learn how to integrate seasonal SEO to your marketing strategy
  • Mobile- friendly sites now rank higher on smartphone SERPs. Even on Bing
  • Use better anchor text then "Click here"
  • check your site for 404s with Google search console
  • 75% of SEO is off page and 25% is on page
  • Don't forget to fill out the alt tag for all images on your site
  • Mind user intent when doing keyword research
  • optimize your database by removing drafts of all your post and page changes to speed up your word press site
  • keep up with any messages that Google is sending you. check the search console for 404/500 errors, duplicate content,missing titles, and other errors that Google may have found
  • use screaming frog to find broken links, errors and crawl problems
  • optimize your title tag with the cities and services you offer
  • make sure your embedded advertising  analytics load last
  • do not use rel ="nofollow" on rss feeds, category or tag pages and archived pages
  • be patient, SEO takes time. There's no magic bullet in SEO so avoid taking short cuts as they can hurt a lot long term
  • SEO is like mayo - by itself it tastes bad, but in the sandwich, it touches everything and makes it taste better
  • Learn how to use hreflang for language & regional URLs
  • Set up custom dashboards on Google analytics to keep an eye on specific data.
  • Make a list of important relevant topics based on what you know about your business
  • Enable rich snippets for reviews and ratings in your SERP listings
  • Understand what type of content yields high engagement and plan your content accordingly
  • Deflate your Images
  • Focus on link earning
  • The newer your website is, the more patient you will need to be
  • Don't translate the create keywords and ads from scratch
  • make sure that content delivers on the promise of the headline
  • Identify Competitor keywords
  • Focus on search phrases, not single keywords
  • Speed matters, especially in mobile. Get your site a score above 85-90


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