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Instagram increases video time from 15 to 60 seconds on iOS, Android - usefullytips

Instagram recently announced that they are going increase the size of video from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. In last six months, the users are more engaged to the videos up to 40% whether it may be Selena Gomez  or Bretman Rock’s.  So the longer videos helps users to reach more that’s why Instagram increase the video time from 15 to 60 seconds.
Instagram made another announcement also that they are going put to smiley faces for iOs user who enjoy the app.with in short period of time, they will be switch to multiple videos to one. With this 60 seconds extend of time helps users for creative side Again, this is limited to Instagram subscribers using iOS.

High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2016

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How to increase your twitter followers

Twitter is the powerful tool in social media where you can generate leads, build your brand value. The problem is, if don’t relevant followers you can’t generate the leads. Having the active followers is not about the prestige and follower are not just number. Twitter followers helps you generate the leads in Business point of view. 36% of the market says that, they have generate leads through Twitter followers.
In this article, let me explain how to increase your twitter followers and benefits of twitter.
Tweeting the content which is informative and effective are mostly likely for retweet If you follow others then, others also follow you back The contain which you are tweeting also matters Promoting your twitter account effectively
Here few twitter tips helps you to increase your brand
Follow, Follow …….. If you follow your relevant people than they will also follow you back. Correlation between the number of people followed and the number of followers, research says. To schedule the tw…