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Google is trying to extend ad headline without any sacrifice of description line

As we know that google had removed right sides, they have been testing new formats. Long text ads would be display across all devices in any ad position.
Extended headlines have become norm
Ad headline would be 80 character not 70

Display URL format also
Other change in the test is about the display URL formatting. Advertisers are able to see two paths as see you seen in above screenshot
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Best PSD to HTML Conversion flow & useful Tips

When you think about PSD to HTML conversion, most people just think about designing websites but for programmers it is like a boon. PSD to HTML enables them to offer the fastest turnaround through their services which can lead them to designing valid codes in just a span of 24 hours, even for the most complex PSDs. But this is easier said than done and we shall discuss some useful tips for how to simplify the PSD to HTML process.

PSD to HTML conversion tips

The break up- One of the ground rules for simplifying the PSD to HTML process is by breaking up the whole designing process into a few parts. It can be divided into one part where you break up 40% of PSD logically, then the second part caters to 20% coding and the third part comprises of 40% moving elements until everything is well integrated. Techniques used in Photoshop- You commence the conversion process by readying the basic assets. It is advised to first begin designing before heading towards building framework. This …

How to increase ad headline character limit in search ads

Increasing the Ad Headline is  Fluctuation of Punctuation
What is the correct punctuation to increase ad headline character limit
Many of them don’t know how to increase ad headline while doing search ads and as this one is not major update but it was came before 3 years back. As we know that we can use variety of punctuation allowed in adwords text advert. For each punctuation it's varies how your ad will display. According to different punctuation on description line 1 will determine your advert’s eligibility to be shown with an extended ad headline?. Different Punctuation will determine different results. Let me tell you how it varies from one  to one punctuation?
The Punctuation which we use  extended ad headline such as comma, exclamation, Full Stop,hyphen, Hyphens, question mark, 2 hyphens
1- Google doesn’t extend your ad headline if you don’t use any punctuation in description line 1

2- If use exclamation mark at  end of  description line 1 then your ad headline will be extend…

7 Download-Boosting Ways to Promote Your App

In 2016, it is hard to imagine any line of work that is more prolific than app development. Still, just being an app developer, or even a good app developer is not something that will necessarily pay off. Sure, it will provide you with a perfect product, which is great, but what good is even the most ideal app if no one is aware of its existence. This is where network marketing steps up and helps spread the word. Still, there is always something more you can do to help and with this in mind, here are 8 download-boosting ways to promote your application.

Do Your Marketing ResearchWhen planning an app development, it is not only about what are you selling but who you are selling it to that counts. However, this is not a question which is easy to give an answer to. First you need to try and visualize your average customer. How old are they, what do they do, how can your app benefit them are all just some of the answers you need to ask yourself. Of course a brief survey is always of assist…

Step by step process to create your own Android Application

Here you will learn how to create your android application. If your are looking to make your own android application then follow steps and make your own app.

Step 1: How to create android app download Android studio from After installing the file – open the android studio
Go to file-New ---new project

Step 2 Name of the project and secondly name the company name or domain name or personal name.
Step 3 Select from minimum SDK version and purpose of your application is mobile and tablet or Android TV or Android viewers (smart watches) or Google Glass Step 4 After selecting any one of these, some code is generated.
Step 5  Default its generated java class and xml file and you change them also.  
Step 6  Build your application and some jar files in your project.

Step 7 After code is generated. Java file and xml file will be open Step 8  activity_man.xml You can create your first screen just as login screen as shows below  
You can redesign above s…