Monday, 25 April 2016

How to increase ad headline character limit in search ads

Increasing the Ad Headline is  Fluctuation of Punctuation

What is the correct punctuation to increase ad headline character limit

Many of them don’t know how to increase ad headline while doing search ads and as this one is not major update but it was came before 3 years back. As we know that we can use variety of punctuation allowed in adwords text advert. For each punctuation it's varies how your ad will display. According to different punctuation on description line 1 will determine your advert’s eligibility to be shown with an extended ad headline?. Different Punctuation will determine different results. Let me tell you how it varies from one  to one punctuation?

The Punctuation which we use  extended ad headline such as comma, exclamation, Full Stop,hyphen, Hyphens, question mark, 2 hyphens

1- Google doesn’t extend your ad headline if you don’t use any punctuation in description line 1

2- If use exclamation mark at  end of  description line 1 then your ad headline will be extended and however exclamation mark won’t show when your ad appear.

3- when you use punctuation comma at end of description line 1 then google won’t extend your ad headline

4- Use Full stop at end of your description line 1 then it will be helps to extend your ad headline

5- If use hypen at end of your description line 1, Google won’t extend your ad headline.

6- Hypens don’t stop to extend your ad headline from being extended.. That they are used at end of description line1.

7- when you use punctuation “ Question mark” at end of your description line 1 then Google will extend your ad headline and as well as it will be shown when ad appear also

8- To extend your ad headline use 2 hypens at end of description line 1, google automatic will add another hypen

9- Finally punctuation doesn’t  had any last character  end of description line 1.  You can use punctuation in middle of description line 1 and other half sentence continues description line 2

There is no preview, its only happen in live adverts

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