Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Sign up with Bing Webmaster tools get 3000 Rs for Search Engine Marketing on Bing

Most of people use google webmaster tools for their website and get verified. Have ever tried to using Bing Webmaster tools ha ? if it’s No then you would missed the chance of the getting 3000rs/- coupon for search marketing on Bing. Yes, it's real that Bing search Engine gives 3000rs/-  for search marketing on Bing. To Get 3000 Rupees coupon, you have to sign up into the Bing Webmaster tools and get you site verified.  After sign up into Bing webmaster tools you will get coupon code directly to your mailbox.

Terms and Conditions apply
This offer is validity up to 30-06-2016 (midnight Pacific Time), and it will be available only to qualified advertisers who meet the following eligibility criteria as follows

Open new account and get verified bing webmaster tools for your own website and open a new Bing Ads account; a “new” account is one that has been open fewer than 30 days prior to the date of coupon redemption.
Your account will be evaluated daily to verify you meet the eligibility criteria. When criteria is met, a Bing Ads coupon will be sent to each qualified advertiser by email in approximately 3 business days from date of verification.
Coupon valid only for Bing Ads advertisers who redeem their coupon within 30 days of signing up for a new Bing Ads account. Ads must be stopped after ₹3000 ad credit is used up or within 90 days from coupon redemption, whichever comes first, or your credit card will be charged for advertising clicks.
It is the sole responsibility of advertisers to monitor their Bing Ads accounts. Limit: one ad credit per new advertiser. Offer valid only to residents of India.
A form of payment must be entered into your account at the time this coupon is being redeemed and prior to your account going live to take advantage of the credit. This offer may not be combined with any other offer or discount, separated, redeemed for cash, transferred, sold, or bartered. There is a minimum bid requirement of ₹0.05 per click through. Search listings are subject to editorial review and policies. See Advertiser Terms and Conditions for more details at sign-up. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Callout and Review extensions now available in Bing Ads

Recently Bing search engine can with an update where Advertisers can extend their ads. Advertisers can extend their ad extensions at campaign level and ad group level

Callout extensions

Maximum 20 call outs extensions can add in their  campaign and ad group level, to display them you  should have minimum 2 call outs

Bing search engine says that callouts  shown varies when you use two  different line callouts extension formats .
  • One with dot separators
  • One with dash separators

Review extensions

Reviews for review extensions should come from trust-able, well established. Reviews should appear on reviews landing page not on another page and it's not be charged for clicking on them for advertisers. Reviews must be paraphrased where reviews should be original.

You can extend both of your ads extension in Bing Ads UI