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Overlooked Mistakes while Optimizing WordPress for Conversion Rate

User-experience still eventually boils down to one thing, i.e., Conversion. Broadly speaking, conversion rate is The most tangible way of mapping ROI in UX. For developers’ /designers’ clients, that’s the endgame. That’s the one thing that matters, regardless of what anyone preaches. By definition, conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who carry out a task that invariably benefits the site owner. It’s quantifiable and yes, it can be optimized.Conversions can be improved by “widening the funnel” so to speak (increasing the number of landing pages and/or site traffic to give you a statistic edge); or by rewiring the interface and creating an experience so compelling it drives visitors to convert. In this article, we will take a look at some of the ways you can optimize the conversion rate on a WordPress website. Why WordPress? Because you are likely already on it (more than 1/4th of all websites on internet are), and because the steps outlined below are easier to carry-ou…

Google search analytics report adds the ability to compare queries

Now Google is coming with an update that now you can compare one search phrase with other search phrase in Google Search Analytics Report  with in Google Webmaster tools or Google Search Console

The main purpose of "compare queries" filter  is to compare two queries at time and getting analytic about them. You can see the sample example when you compare two search queries at time within Google search Console.

After logging into Google Search Console, Go to the Search Analytics then Click on "Queries".  and select "Compare Queries"

When you select the Compare Queries you will get the Pop up and you can search phrases that which you like compare the queries you want .

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Social Media Images dimesnsions of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube

Most of us don't know about the images dimensions of social media that's why sometimes while uploading the image we will face problem named as errors. whenever we try to make exact the image of particular social media, at that time we go and google it for image resolution of different social media networks. As per my guidelines, a Digital Marketing person must have minimum knowledge about social media images sizes. "Image speaks more than words" so does while building brand value for product or service, how much we focus to reach our brand value in same way we have to be focus on images size with respect of Social media Policies regarding the images. In this Article, you can check the different dimensions images sizes of Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube Facebook Image SizesCover photo: 851 px wide by 315 px tall
Profile image:180 px wide by 180 px tall
Highlighted image: 1200 px wide by 717 px tall
Shared image:1200 px wide by 630…

How to calculate CPC, CPA ,CPM, eCPC, eCPM, eCPA, CPV, CR for Google Adwords

CPM Calculation : Cost to an advertiser = CPM x (Impressions/1000)
Cost Per Mille = cost to an advertiser x 1000 /Impressions
CPC Calculation : Cost Per Click = cost to an advertiser / number of clicks
CTR Calculation :
Click Through Rate = (Number of clicks / number of impressions) x 100

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CR Calculation :
Conversion Rate = (number of conversions/ impressions) x 100
CPA Calculation
Click Per Action or cost per acquisition = cost to an advertiser / ( Impressions x CTR x CR )

CPV Calculation
Cost Per View = Total cost of the campaign / Number of total visit or incremental visit after the campaign started
eCPM Calculation
eCPM = (total spent / Impressions delivered ) x 1000
eCPC Calculation
eCPC = (Total spent or revence / clicks )
Net Profit = CPC – eCPC
eCPA Calculation :

 eCPA = Total spent / number of conversions or actions

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Google launches business-friendly tool that tests your website mobile-friendliness & page speed

Google newly launches user friendly tools for the small business to see their websites ranking in terms of mobile friendly and fast

Google posted an article on google blog that they released new tool where they can check test websites in both mobile – friendliness and page speed for desktop and mobile.
This tool is mainly for small business where they test sites, specific mobile friendly testing tool and speed testing tool.
New tool available here :
The unique aspects of tool is 1- you can check all three scores on one page. 2- you can easy share report with webmaster tools team. 3- google will exact score with in scale of 0 to 100. wheather its mobile friendly website or not
Let me explain scores, how they say :

Mobile-friendliness: Its expalin about the quality of your website on phones how customers are experiencing while using. Tappable buttons easy to navigate from a small screen and have the most important information up front and ce…

URL Shortening Services - Usefullytips

What is URL shortener?URL shortener is an online application where its helps to convert regular URL into Short URL. when ever you copy and paste your Long URL in search bar to convert short URL, when you click on submit then your URL will be display in 20-30 character. Most of them, share their long URL in social media to promote product or brand. But users are feed up with your Long Tail, it makes disturbance to them when they want to engage. URL Shortening services helps us to make URL from long tail to Short Tail. where we can shareable in social media, forum threads etc. If your looking for how to change your Long URL to Short URL, then go for list of websites as follows : 
Top URL Shortening Services Lists as Follow :    tweetphoto