Monday, 6 June 2016

Google launches business-friendly tool that tests your website mobile-friendliness & page speed

Google newly launches user friendly tools for the small business to see their websites ranking in terms of mobile friendly and fast

Google posted an article on google blog that they released new tool where they can check test websites in both mobile – friendliness and page speed for desktop and mobile.

This tool is mainly for small business where they test sites, specific mobile friendly testing tool and speed testing tool.

New tool available here :

The unique aspects of tool is
1- you can check all three scores on one page.
2- you can easy share report with webmaster tools team.
3- google will exact score with in scale of 0 to 100. wheather its mobile friendly website or not

Let me explain scores, how they say :

Mobile-friendliness: Its expalin about the quality of your website on phones how customers are experiencing while using. Tappable buttons easy to navigate from a small screen and have the most important information up front and center are factors for the website should be mobile friendly.

Mobile speed: explains about the loading speed of website. Wheather user are happy or not.

Desktop speed: Its expalin how long your website is loading in Desktop computers not only strength of website but also web connection speed determines and elements of website too.

Let me show some screen shots of tools how does it works :  

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