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What is the effect of changing WordPress Theme on SEO and Traffic?

If you are using a free WordPress theme, chances are you change your theme every so often.
While switching to a better looking theme surely seems tempting, there are few problems that may crop up after changing your WordPress theme. 

Migrating a theme may affect two major things – your website's traffic and its SEO.
Well, before you jump to any conclusion, let me tell you that there are various possible reasons which may affect your website's SEO and traffic. Some of which are discussed below:

Who is handling the SEO of your website?
There are various themes that come with built-in SEO options and thus it's no surprise to see webmasters making use of those features instead of using an SEO plugin. 

The major advantage of this is that you run one less plugin. So, webmasters who are intimidated by changing themes often can leverage the benefits these themes offer. However, for website owners who have the habit of switching themes, the idea of having the theme's SEO feature handle the SEO of the website does not seem to work. 

Using an SEO Plugin, instead, can prevent such websites SEO rankings from going down since you don't have to optimize your site everytime you switch to a new theme.

In simpler words, if you are using WordPress themes that come with inbuilt SEO options and/or using those features to optimize your website for search engines, there is a high possibility that your website's SEO will be affected while shifting to a new theme.
Changed Permalinks
Permalinks are the URLs of your web pages and blog posts. Needless to say, they play a crucial role in optimizing your website for search engines. If the permalinks of your website are altered after changing the theme, then it will negatively affect your search engine rankings.
Ensuring that the permalinks in your new theme are same as those in your previous theme can save your SEO efforts. Also, ensure that the URLs are redirecting to the right blog post or web page as the previous ones did.

W3C Validation
Search engines like Google crawl the HTML of your website in a linear manner. So, when you switch your theme with a right sidebar to a theme that comes with a left sidebar, the search engine bots will crawl the sidebar content first. And this can affect your rankings. Regardless of the theme you are switching to, it is imperative to check the order of the source code on your browser. To do so, right click on your homepage and click “view page source”, you will see a new page opening with the HTML code of your website's homepage. Now check if the HTML of the body section displays your main content first. If not, be prepared to have your SEO affected badly.

Keeping Existing Links
Permalinks are not the only thing you need to be considerate about. You have to keep an eye on all the links on your website since Google algorithm that calculates a website's rankings take every single link into account. Every existing link in the new theme should match the previous theme's links. As an instance, tag links should be kept in the same manner, as should any link connected with the images, graphics, archives, and blogroll.
It is always a bright idea to check the entire linking structure while changing them to ensure all the links are functioning well. This includes all links in the body of your page or post, your widgets, sidebar, and adverts.
If you are switching to a theme which has been developed with a shared markup vocabulary like, your ranking will improve. One such example is Genesis WordPress Framework. If you select a theme that improves your website's readability, you will see a drastic jump in your SEO. 

Page loading speed
Speed is yet another factor that plays an important role in improving or deteriorate your search engine rankings. If your new theme takes forever to load, you may lose many potential customers. Similarly, if you are switching to a theme which is optimized for speed, you can see an improvement in your website's ranking. You can make use of PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom to check the speed of your website. 

How to change WordPress theme without affecting Search Engine Rankings?
Before you switch your theme, it is imperative that you create a full backup of your Wordpress website. Also, before activating your new theme, preview it to see how it will affect your website. WordPress allows its users to install and preview themes before activating it. 

Import SEO Settings to plugin:
As mentioned earlier, if you are using a theme's inbuilt SEO option, export all your SEO settings and import it an SEO Plugin such as All in One SEO Plugin or Yoast SEO. After importing, you are all set to migrate your theme. 

Pick a theme:
When it comes Wordpress themes, there is a wide variety available to choose from. However, you should choose an SEO friendly, responsive and bug-free theme. Once migrated, you can make use of various tools to see if search engines can detect any errors in it. If so, start fixing it immediately, before you see any major negative effect on your search engine rankings.
We hope you find this article helpful and beneficial. Also, did you notice any change in your website's SEO after moving to a new theme? Don't forget to share your reviews on changing WordPress theme and its effects on search engine rankings.

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Jason is a web development professional with hobbies of innovative and technical writing. Currently, she works for WordSuccor Ltd., a leading PSD to WordPress Company that has successfully delivered many top-grade projects related to it. He has been actively writing blogs and articles about technical stuffs.

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Friday, 8 July 2016

21 Best Single page WordPress Themes of 2016

Find out which WordPress theme suits the best for your website. There will be a lot of change and can engage users when we are making use of the right WordPress theme.

1.    Avalanche of Features with Zerif PRO:

Do you want the unique features of drag and drop for your business WordPress website? Then you must make use of this theme which has an avalanche of features. You can include even in the corporate WordPress websites all the testimonials, portfolio and as well contact information of company and details of team members.

2. Get Best Templates With Sydney Pro:

This is the most potential theme where you can either choose the single page or the multi-page theme. For this all you need to do is to implement this theme and thereby can enjoy the elements like headers for video and as well sliders. This supports woo commerce and also attracts customers with stunning layouts and widgets which can be dragged and dropped.

3. Free and Widgetized Corporate Plus:

Get wonderful benefits by choosing this theme as you can entice your website by making use of the features as contacts, about page, wide range of services you are providing and as well can even provide them useful information with a blog. Moreover this is a free and easy theme to setup.

4. Plenty Of Features with Parallax:

A bundle of advantages with this theme and so most of them prefer. There is absolutely no need to go for Photoshop and one can make use of this single page theme. The elements include adding graphics to images and as well to include the pay-outs, bars and infinite scroll options. All these can be done easily.

5. OnePage For Best Performance and Speed:
If you are looking for the theme which gives outmost performance and as well available in single page, then you have to choose this. Perfect for every business as it has factors like twitter feed and section for pricing and as well clients as well there are drag and drop options. You can even get the benefits of its animation

6. Most Creative Mustache Theme:
People love to choose this as there are a lot of built in elements and the best part is that, this is optimised and renders perfect in all gadgets. One can use this to create a personal resume or presentation in a way to serve the corporate purpose.

7. OnePager To Represent Vital Information:

As named, this is going to be the one page theme and it has a lot of customised options which every business can use based on its services. You can either choose the widgets like Facebook and every other popular social media channel.

8. Manage your Portfolio with Moesia Pro:

Build most fabulous home page by arranging the content blocks that are available with this theme. This theme is perfectly worth as it provides a lot of google fonts and as well slider, unique templates for building pages with drag and drop options. There are even multiple blocks, contact page and even there is stupendous access to support team.

9. Many Customised Options with Freelancer:

Even the professionals are using this theme in addition to freelancers as it has many sections that are useful for every business. They can include details in the clients, portfolio and as well for testimonials. You can change the look and feel of every page from WordPress admin as there is a chance to select different colours for every page.

10. Multiple Features WithShowStopper:

If you want a theme that supports woo commerce and can sell products soon, then you need to choose this one page WordPress theme. With this you can access too many features and can even customise your website. This is the responsive theme where you can add widgets and provide loads of information on home page.

11. Business One An SEO Friendly WordPress Theme:

Give the most trendy and corporate look to your business. There are all the sections that are essential for every business namely the about, team, clients and as well the service section and much more. This is a responsive as well SEO friendly theme.

12. The Most Responsive Theme Roxima:

When you need multiple layout choices and as well custom widgets then you have to go with the option of this responsive theme. There is a scope to add any number of sections with the help of drag and drop.

13. OneEngine:
These days customers need lot of engaging content and this is provided with great features like graphs with animations and as well one can add blogs and details of clients and many other aspects.

14. Business Services Promotion:

There are many templates that are supported to promote business and so based on the necessity, it can be even used as multi page theme. One can include about us page and many more to show all important stuff of the business.

15. Different Choices Possible With One Page:
This is an entirely professional website and with this you can have many features once you get the paid version. Users can build any sort of website as there are many elements to include.

16. Enhance Speed of Website with Active Sports:
If you are willing to have an adventure or sports website, then this is the preferred choice as one can enjoy implementing the video background, customised widgets and as well many fonts.

17. SinglePage Provides Multiple Options:

This theme is built with twitter support and users will get a nice feel when the websites are built with this theme. There are many options and different sections to engage the audience. Make use of social icons also.

18. BlackWell Provides Full Screens:
There are many successful interior designing companies that are using this theme. It has all the features with the stunning look. One can even use collapsible menu and testimonials as well.

19. Multi Purpise Features with Restaurant:

The benefits of this theme includes SEO, parallax scrolling, background video and even many more codes that are useful. In short this is the multipurpose theme which serves the users expectations.

20. Free Customer Support With Himalayas: One can enjoy different features with this theme namely the wide range of widgets and templates. This is a responsive theme which helps the users to get all the information they need.

21. Horizontal Scrolling With ScrollMe: If you want to give users a unique and horizontal scrolling experience then you can prefer this splendid design. This theme renders so well on any device. All the business niches like fashion, real estate and interiors are mainly using this theme

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Reegan is a renowned wordPress developer who is passionate about WordPress and Open CMS. Where he loves to convert PSD to WordPress site, loves to write about WordPress-related topics and also love to curate WordPress Resources. You can hire WordPress Developer as him for your Website 

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Free Business Listing Sites in Australia - Usefullytips

One of major off Page optimization Factor is Business listing. Listing your business in Local directory helps you to reach your product or service or brand easily. Most of  SEO people search for business listing and collect unwanted stuff and end of day,optimiser suffer and end with sad face. As Digital Marketing person i have done lot research to collect this sites. I have listed below sites from with help of keyword name as "Business listing sites in Australia". If your looking for submit business in Australia directory sites than you go through below of list of sites and reach your business to people!

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