Monday, 15 August 2016

How to earn $100, $200, $300, $ 400, 500 per day through Google Ad sense -

Many of them are earning from home or office through Google Ad sense.  Follow the SEO friendly parameters and plan, work, write about the topic.

Ad sense:  Ad sense is platform where Google pays 68% of money when you display ads on your websites as per CPM, CPC. To get Google ad sense approved your website domain age should be minimum 6 months.

Click Through Rate
CTR is calculated as Number of Clicks divided by Number of impressions X 100
CTR = Number of Clicks / number of Impressions x 100

Cost per Click, you can earn money when any users click on your Ad.
CPC = Today Spend / Number of Clicks
CPM = Cost per Mille or Cost per Thousand Impressions

What makes you to get 100$, 200$, 300$ per day

Write articles exactly what audiences are searching. Try to include videos, images in content and also follow SEO parameters. Maintain minimum 300+ articles in your blog or website. Word count of articles should be minimum 500+, it helps us to generate more money

To earn 100$, your website must get 40, 000 page views or 400 clicks or CTR = 1% or CPC = 0.25$
Apart from CPC, Based on CPM Ad impressions calculation. If you have 40,000 Page views you can earn 40$ to 60$ per day with an average CPM of 1$ to 1.5$ per Impressions

If you sell your Ad space to, you can generate 6000$ to 8000$ per month
40,000 page views per day helps to generate 200$

If you approach Affiliate Marketing, when you are having high quality articles then you can generate 40$ to 80$ per day

Today Earning per day will be like as we consider all CPC, CPM, Affiliate Marketing and third party Ads =
100$ + 40$ + 200$ + 40$ = 380$ per day , this is the lowest price as I consider
Per Month = $380 x 30 = 11,400$
Per Year = 11,400$ x 12 Months = 1, 36,000$

The above information is perfect Analysis of last 2 years. If you have 200 or more article per days leads to generate average 300$ per day 

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