Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Bug Free App-Reality of the Myth Unveiled!

A space shuttle that weighs almost 120-tons gets launched via software. There’s no human inside the control center to push a button for its launch-but software that drives information from thousands of sensors making hundreds of millisecond decisions. 

The software gets maintained by a group of 260 men and women; it has to be bug free, doesn’t crash, and required rebooting. It has to be the perfect achievement of humans, if not, if it has bugs, people will die. So the day and night work of these people has to ensure the software deliver’s exactly what it promises to so no one dies.
But the simplest concern is: is it even possible for humans to write a bug free app? The answer is yes when speaking technically, and a no if considered practically. The main reason behind this bold statement is that it’s economically unviable to have a bug free software/app. 

Take this example for an understanding: Google in the very beginning of September had to pull their Two Factor Authentication app for iOS. The app got updated and effectively locked out a great number of people from their accounts. 

So, even these big league companies with hundreds of millions in revenue and thousands of engineers in effort of releasing bug fixes and improving their product cannot launch a perfect product on the very first go. Why? Because there is no such thing as perfect software, there will always be room for improvement. 

The software can be tested as much as you want, but if the execution environment is not controlled-the end user will find issues and bugs. Now, to understand completely, we teamed up with VeztekUSA, a company that excels in mobile app development and create mobile apps that are sold and bring back revenue. 

How the Software Behaves-The Basic Understanding:A piece of an application or software cannot run in isolation on a system. There are dependencies of the platform which is out of its control, where libraries make it even complex. For keeping the application bug free, ensure the libraries it’s using are also bug free. 

Remember that it’s not the start that is great; it’s how great the end is. Seek assistance of reliable mobile app development companies, in case if you are not sure about your development team. Keeping an account of every single use case can be tedious, the best you can do is to factor in the typical use case and ensure it is bug free. 

Application Development Project Approach to Guard Bugs:
Bugs are simple bugs and can be handled; here are the approaches you need to follow;

  • ·         Your developers cannot write a complete bug free code. Instead, you goal here has to be on focusing on giving a functional product, that is capable of solving their problems.

  • ·         Generally most bugs result from the shortfall, what the end user expects and what the software does. The simple solution is to create a detailed functional specification document, before writing a single line of code.
  • ·         In the shuttle example, the company reports of one third of the software before writing a single line of the code.
  • ·         Unit testing is utmost important for bug free applications. Yet it’s crucial and most of the companies don’t understand how to do it either.

Understand the importance of an app. It can help your business grow tremendously and can make it fall-let yourself decide that an inexpensive software which can work 99 percent is better or an expensive software that will work 100 percent. Because creating something that is good and will work will need your investment. And then, you want your app to go live now, not in the next ten years.

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