Ganesh Chaturthi 2016 : Celebrities of India who welcome 'Bappa Morya'

Oh Ganesha,I will break 1000 coconuts nd light 10,000 agarbaththis but please forgive my Aag also #GreatGanesha

O Ganesha, Please recommend lesser punishment in hell since I now repent my sins nd am worshipping u #GreatGanesha

For all u distrusting my devotional tweets,I swear on Ganpati I am telling truth nd nothing but truth #GreatGanesha

Our Lil Prince's 1st Ganpati @aaysharma we really missed you

His Blessing are all we need,Om Gan Ganpate Namah

Praying to the almighty #Pillayaar today Happy #VinayagarChathurthi #GanapatiBappaMorya #ManyNames #ManyForms

Starting my day by seeking blessings!! Happy #GaneshChaturthi    #GanpatiBappaMorya

 Riteish Deshmukh was also seen with wife-actress Genelia D'souza and their family, in their traditional best, celebrating the festival.

Happy #GaneshChaturthi to you and your family. Stay blessed 😊 

Guess who dropped by to seek Bappa's blessings today!!?? #GaneshChaturthi

Lovely to have the father of baby girl 'India' seeking blessings of the Lord! Always fun meeting @JontyRhodes8

And then there were three @JontyRhodes8 @YUVSTRONG12 

Morya re Bappa Morya Re
In Mumbai Nagri,awesome festive spirit bcoz of everyones beloved Ganesha

Happy #GaneshChaturthi everyone! May u be blessed with peace, prosperity, luck & happiness️ #ganpatibappamorya

Throw back .. #GaneshChaturthi @BeingSalmanKhan @khanarpita @aaysharma

Ganpati Bappa Morya !! Wish you a very happy #GaneshChaturthi  

Remover of difficulties n obstacles
Giver of wisdom n success
May he bless us with his finest

Happy Ganesh Chaturti everyone, Just finished our Pooja as we welcome Ganesha to our home. #ganpatibappamorya 

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