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Tips to create reliable income on Internet

Earning online has been always challenging, where most of the online job hunters were hunted by scammers for years. Seriously, there are lots of opportunities on internet to earn money all we need is patience, knowledge and some skills. This article will help you to find a reliable income online so you will never run of money at the end of the month.

Ways for professionals to make money:

If you're a professional and have some confidence in your skills, I assure that you will survive in this competitive web world. The following ways are for the professionals to make money online.

1. Get hired on a freelance marketplace:

There are lots of clients available on the freelance marketplace, where they do not worry about their money while hiring talented people. A freelance marketplace is the site where clients and freelancers meet and it will be hosted by a company which can be called as the mediator. There are two ways to get a job on the freelance marketplace. One is by bidding on a posted job and the other way is getting hired by client directly which needs extreme hard work and patience.

So, this is how you should get started. Join a freelance site and beware of spammers who asks money to enter. Remember a genuine freelance site would never ask for any registration fees.  Upwork is the best and top freelance marketplace where you can find a part time job very easily, but the competition is very high over there. To stand out among millions all you need is to show who you are. Your skills should be expressed tactically in your profile. The profile in the freelance site is like a resume which we use on interviews. A person can be judged by seeing the resume and the same applies here. Create a professional profile and attach/link it to your works. Search the relevant job and apply for the one which you think your profile matches. You will be hired by a client based on bidding. Try to get good rating from clients so that your profile gets chance to get listed on top freelancers list. Freelancers on the top list will attract more clients.

2. Get paid to write articles:

The most attractive people in this world are sports man, celebrity, singers, actors and of course writers. There are people who attract millions of online readers everyday through their personal blogs, news blogs etc. If you're a good article writer, you can be one among them. There are tons of magazine blogs online who need world class writer to write articles for their blog and they are ready to pay even $200 per article. If you are interested in writing articles just join the writer’s community and share your views also to find a blog for writing. You can also join the site like iwriter where you can find clients who specifically look for writers. But the pay might be less comparing to direct author pay. Online writing is considered as one of the best online job for students as it will be very helpful to develop their language, writing skills and their knowledge.

3. Selling services and products online:

Are you good in creating something, editing photos, programming, developing, auditing, optimizing etc.? You can sell your services or products online. Fiverr is one of the best place to sell services. All you have to do is create a gig. People will order your gig if they find it interesting. The success rate will be least or very high depending on your gig presentation. First impression is the best impression, if you gig is not properly aligned with less info provided, the client will return to the list in not time. Create a professional video explaining your gig or at least a info graphics. Try to answer your clients quickly, provide all the information required to make them buy. Initially, everything will go slow and with 100 x 5 star reviews you will start to receive lots of orders everyday giving you the chance to earn even $100 - $200 per day.

I am not a professional what can I do?

If you think you're not fit to get hired, there are still many ways to make money online. But they have their own downsides.

3. Participate in market research programs:

Paid survey jobs

In simple market research programs are called as online survey. There is no particular qualification required to participate in market research program all you need is a valid mailbox address. To start you must create an account on the panel and verify the email address by clicking on the verification link. The survey panel will send invitation to your mailbox asking you to participate in market research all you have to do is click the link to start the survey. The survey engine will load in few seconds and you can start answering the survey right away. Once you complete the survey, the promised reward will be immediately credited to your account. After reaching cash out level the points or the currency can be redeemed to gift rewards or cash rewards through payment processors. As the survey opportunities are always limited you should join more than 5 panels to get enough participation request every day. These are some of the legit online survey sites that pays on time,click here to join best survey sites. Do not simply select answers on random. Administration might ban such members. 

4. Get paid to complete tasks:

This is one of the favourite phrase among online job hunters. Get paid to or a GPT site will reward their member for every task completed or their successful action on offers. Few examples of get paid to offers are completing micro tasks on crowd flower mini jobs, Amazon mTruck etc. These sites will have some rating level based on difficulty of tasks and the members will be given access to various tasks based on their rating.
5. Earn some digital currencies:

If you're unaware of digital currencies, I would like to introduce the most valuable currencies in the world the bitcoin. Earning bitcoins is very simple there are many ways to earn bitcoins. One of the famous earning method is claiming bitcoin on faucets. Faucets pay bitcoins just for visiting their page and solving captchas. These are some best bitcoin faucets in the world. Earn bitcoins and it can be sold for USD or any other local currencies in the world.

6. User experience testing: 

Websites and apps are created every day for internet users and has to be tested before implementation. Apart from blogs, commercial webpages like ticket booking, online shopping (Amazon) are almost updated every month to give the best experience to the users. Updates includes site layout, design, colour, checkout procedure etc. These companies pay us to test their new updates or new websites to ensure that they are working correctly. The test will not technical, no coding etc. this is a website navigation test or a test similar to this. For example, you will be asked to do a fake shopping and your navigation data like time taken, ease to use will be automatically recorded. The collected data will be used to improve those sites. Thousands of user testing will be done before implementation. Anyone with basic internet navigation knowledge can apply for this job. Getting pass in sample test is mandatory before getting hired for a real testing.

Final words:

Hope you would have got idea about how to make money online. These are some reliable ways to earn money online. Don't stick to single, program just try all to get exposure. 

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