Vikram Iru Mugan movie Stills, pictures which makes his fans susprised

Role of vikram is RAW agent agilan in Iru Mugan

Agent Agilan ‘s character is exactly as James Bond and MI agents,Vikram made Double action in this Iru Mugan.Vikram is to take 4 hours for makeup to get Perfect Look. Air plane action sceen took 10 days to shoot because heat is effecting the Makeup


Vikram in a sequence from Iru Mugan which took 10 days to shoot, These 5 pics of Vikram's Iru Mugan will leave his fans SURPRISED!, Iru Mugan photos, Iru Mugan wallpapers, Iru Mugan images, Iru Mugan pics, movie photos, movie images, movie photo gallery

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