Wednesday, 26 October 2016

How to download Twitter Cover Page Image – Usefullytips

One of the Best PlatForm to promote a product  or Service or Brand is Twitter. Twitter is place where we can engage with celebrities, Icons, business person…… Many of the users can download profile pics and timeline pics in Twitter of not cover page.  Let me tell how to download cover image of Twitter.

When you  right click on cover image to download. You will directly click on save as option

 but it will download in webpage HTML.

If you want to download cover image of twitter profile

Go to profile

And Go the source Code à CTRL+U

Then type à CTRL+F

In Search box Enter “   Background:  “ à Like background: you will find 12 at button after 12th background: you will link of the image click on it. It will redirect to new window. You will find the cover image

Then right click on it and you will find save as option.

Then download it.
Enjoy the process of downloading Cover Images

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