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10 useful tools for writing compelling content for SEO - Usefullytips

Around 90% of market completely running with Search engine. 70% clicks come from Organic. SEO is best way to boost your brand value.  No other method won’t work as SEO do. Content is heart to the Website. Only content helps you for better ranking in search Engine. They are various tools that helps you to make your content more effective
Below tools helps to optimise the content for better ranking in Search Engine.

1         Google Search Console (Google Webmaster tools)

Best tools for Execution of your SEO Campaign. It gives lot information about performance of your Website. By using tool you have get idea of keywords, pages, errors, index status and more. You can analyse clicks, Impressions, CTR and Avg position of your keyword.

Google Keyword Planner

In this tool you can list keywords for your business which are popular in search engine. You will get idea that how  people are searching for keywords which are related to your business.  By analysing the Search volume of keywords you can place them in content.


In Every business, we go with competitor analysis for growth of our product or brand or services. When comes to competitor research SEM RUSH is the best place to competitor analysis.  It will give overview of keywords, backlinks, paid search campaign, organic traffic, Display advertising.


When you enter domain name and interest of your keyword. This tool analysis your queries and give information that website of content is relevant or not.  You will score when its process is going on. By this score you will get that how to focus on content.

Content curation is imperative for SEO copywriters.  With help of curation, it will easy to go through relevant content,  Ideas to provide the data in effective way.  In  is one of social bookmarking site. Where you can share the links. Depending up on your interest you can through both free and paid platform.


It’s  a service where you can meet best professionals in the Field. You can provide information about the content of your business and select the writer that they will do best job for you. Tools doesn’t  offer free version. Paying money for  best professional will help growth of your website.  Investment depends up on the person whom your selecting.


In this tools will get information about both competitor analysis and keyword research. All you need to enter domain name or keyword. Are you looking of competitor analysis tool the you will with SPYFU. It will let know you information about the organic keywords which are ranking, the estimated monthly SEO click value


Word2Clean, where it helps to convert the text file into clean HTML. If your writing  e-books and uploading blog posts online go with this tool for having clean clean HTML to work for better success.

Not only content but also multimedia and visual content are both incredibly important for the success of the campaign. If you never made info graphics no need to worry about it. Go this Tool for designing your info-graphic's and charts.


WooRank is the Best SEO Analysis tool. When you enter your domain, it will score about your website and as well as loops in your website. You can generate only one report per month. If you want generate more reports for month go with premium plans 

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