Friday, 25 November 2016

How to Link Adsense account with Youtube channel - Usefullytips

Go to YouTube  and sign up with your Gmail

In YouTube,create a channel and give your name and Description about the videos which your going to videos in your channel.

Mention your social media links in description part such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook...etc

Now you click on your Profile pic in YouTube at top right side

You will get drop down, In that you click on Create Studio

Now it will redirects to YouTube Dashboard

In YouTube Dashboard, Go to channel which will be present between Community and Analytics.

Under Status and Feature --> You will be seeing many option such Monetization, Longer videos, External annotations Custom thumbnails , Paid content, Content ID appeals , Unlisted and private videos, Live streaming, Embed live streams , Video editor ,Fan Funding , Uploading

Under Monetization,  Click on Enable and now you will get mail from YouTube ad sense account to your mail or else open your youtube channel then you can see notification of linking adsense account with youtube channel

In that notification, click on link account then you will redirecting to Google adsense youtube homepage  then click on Sign In

Enter your channel link and language →→→→ Save and continue

Under contact information, Enter complete information details about you then click on Submit My application

Once you click on Submit my application, you will get pop up option as image which was listed below. Accept it

Then you will be redirecting other page where it says that your adsense account was under review for week

with in short period of time, you will get mail that ad sense account for YouTube channel got approved

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