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Warranty Claims: The Need to Reduce Poor Quality Claim Data

Data related to warranty claims should be reliable and of high quality regarding accuracy, consistency, completeness and timeliness. To be able to debate on the data after it has been worked upon, it is most important that the data is free from defects. The difference in each case is between the actual value that has been used and the correct value.
Warranty claim data has immense significance from the point of view of constituting corrective measures. Poor quality claim data can seriously harm the OEM’s future plans of improving accuracy of claims, but more importantly, of ensuring that there is an improvement in product quality. Poor quality claim data can therefore harm the future of the production company. In times to come such data can bring about lower customer satisfaction and increased running costs besides retarding the efficiency of the process of decision making and even lowering the performance level. There is no doubt that poor quality data will surely harm efficient warr…

How to Utilize the Right Hashtags for Your Business

In 2007, the first use of a hashtag, or a pound sign (#) followed by a keyword, originated from Chris Messina, a former Google Designer. With the aim to create group messages on Twitter, he proposed that the # symbol be used. However, his proposal got rejected by Twitter and was told that his proposal was a thing for nerds and that it would never pick up.

The First Trending Hashtag

When a series of firestorms came to San Diego in October 2007, Nate Ritter, a Web developer and a friend of Messina, started sharing information about the fire on his Twitter profile and blog. After posting about 20 tweets about the fire, Messina got in touch with Ritter and encouraged him to use the hashtag #sandiegofire. Soon other Twitter users did the same.

From that ill-fated incident of the San Diego fire, hashtags became more frequently used on Twitter. Now, hashtags are used across different social network platfroms.

Finding the Right Hashtags

Nowadays, everyone uses all sorts of hashtags just for t…

How to Effectively Tap the Rise of Video Marketing in 2017

Videos continue to dominate every online user’s activity. In fact, 78% of people watch videos on different online platforms each week. So if you still don’t have a video marketing strategy laid out, you may be missing out a lot of audience reach and engagement – or worse, even lose opportunities for leads, sales, and conversions.

Video Marketing by the Numbers

HighQ’s info-graphic have most of the facts and figures you need to be convinced of placing more of your marketing efforts in creating online videos to reach a wider audience of potential clients.

Each day, 33% of tablet owners spend at least an hour to watch online videos.Every week, 78% of people watch online videos from different platforms.On Twitter, 82% of users watch all sorts of video content every single day.On Facebook, 500 million people watch uploaded videos every day.On Snapchat, 10 billions of videos are being watched by Snapchatters daily.Click-through rates increase by 65% because of videos.67% of digital marketers …

Top 8 tools to Access Multiple Social Media feeds with one

Do you want to increase engagement rate in social media Profiles?  Then look after this article that helps to access multiple social media feeds with one.

Most of us, suffer a lot to share same information in different social media channels by manual process. we all use social networks for both professional and personal purposes and should be productive on social media is compulsory.

E-commerce sites are generating successful sales by using social media  during holidays seasons. Last year M-connect media published an E-book via e-commerce sites and it had received purchases worth  $74.6 million directly from social media channels over #Black Friday and #Thanksgiving.

No one should not neglect Social media because it's Huge channel.

Post at one place and share them in multiple social media channels.

In past years, monitoring multiple channels was big task for most of us. In mean while we have been using few free or premium tools for promoting our product or service with one login …