Monday, 2 January 2017

Top 8 tools to Access Multiple Social Media feeds with one

Do you want to increase engagement rate in social media Profiles?  Then look after this article that helps to access multiple social media feeds with one.

Most of us, suffer a lot to share same information in different social media channels by manual process. we all use social networks for both professional and personal purposes and should be productive on social media is compulsory.

E-commerce sites are generating successful sales by using social media  during holidays seasons. Last year M-connect media published an E-book via e-commerce sites and it had received purchases worth  $74.6 million directly from social media channels over #Black Friday and #Thanksgiving.

No one should not neglect Social media because it's Huge channel.

Post at one place and share them in multiple social media channels.

In past years, monitoring multiple channels was big task for most of us. In mean while we have been using few free or premium tools for promoting our product or service with one login to share them in different social media channels. let me tell you easiest way to share in multiple social media channels by posting at one place.

In this article, i am going to talk about  eight awesome tools, that will combine your feeds across multiple networks.


I think you have heard about this tool probably before also. It may belong to any list for its sheer brand power and reputation. Using one place, you can set up multiple feeds and as well as you can control all of your accounts. Premium account gives additional features such as 3rd party site connections and Analytics. 

Hootsuite twitter :- 

Hootsuite Facebook :-

Hootsuite Google+ :-


If you are a mobile social user, this is a great option. It is an app on iOS and Android that allows you to sync up multiple feeds and use them in one place.

It creates a central dashboard that connect to all your different feeds. You then get all of your notifications and updates on your phone, in one place. Easy to use, convenient, and mobile.


 One of best tools is Cyfe which was not known by many people. This tool helps in one business dashboard that helps us to create customized widgets to control every aspect of your online business.
It allow you to see all your accounts, analytics tracker, to customer service controls, you can do everything from one place. Cyfe is premium version tool and monthly charges $19.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is also like Hootsuite tool which is popular social media dashboard. It allows to access multiple profiled alone every network. This tool will suitable for bigger companies not small. 


  Are you looking for tool which you want to use the tool for free and as well as simple then you got it.Sobees is a Social media dashboard with limited functionality. It allows you to post, monitor, get
notifications, and track all accounts. It't not like others tools on this list. It can access three social media networks such as Facebook , twitter and Linkedin.


Scruddle is having both free version and premium version. Premium version per month is 4$.
Scruddle can covers social media platform like Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr, Email and new feeds. It combines all four social media networks in one area.  Social and news are working as a inbox at one place. Premium version of Scruddle helps to  schedule messages


Jyst is a social media platform where it offers some special features such as Real time previews, combined feeds and Quick-Positing. Its straightforward tool working for Facebook and Twitter and also makes both of them to use easy.

Social Feed

To integrate your social media feeds with your browser then only one plug-in helps you to do i.e., super cool JavaScript plug-in.  some of social media network it gone work with Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Facebook.

You will get a constant monitored feed, which is excellent if you want to keep track of brand pages and their mentions in particular.

It works with both personal  and professional  levels

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