Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How to Effectively Tap the Rise of Video Marketing in 2017

Videos continue to dominate every online user’s activity. In fact, 78% of people watch videos on different online platforms each week. So if you still don’t have a video marketing strategy laid out, you may be missing out a lot of audience reach and engagement – or worse, even lose opportunities for leads, sales, and conversions.

Video Marketing by the Numbers

HighQ’s info-graphic have most of the facts and figures you need to be convinced of placing more of your marketing efforts in creating online videos to reach a wider audience of potential clients.

  • Each day, 33% of tablet owners spend at least an hour to watch online videos.
  • Every week, 78% of people watch online videos from different platforms.
  • On Twitter, 82% of users watch all sorts of video content every single day.
  • On Facebook, 500 million people watch uploaded videos every day.
  • On Snapchat, 10 billions of videos are being watched by Snapchatters daily.
  • Click-through rates increase by 65% because of videos.
  • 67% of digital marketers found video marketing somewhat a success while 18% found video marketing very successful.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

The promising figures video marketing boasts of aren’t the only factors that make it the next big thing in marketing. Video marketing can also bring a business a variety of benefits which include:

  • Higher traffic. Because people are more drawn to videos rather than long paragraphs of text, videos tend to generate more traffic. In fact, this year, online videos are predicted to account for 74% of the entire web traffic.

  • Higher ROI. 52% of marketing experts consider video as the type of content that yields the best Return on Investment (ROI). Because of increased ROIs, marketers use videos for online marketing, communication, etc.
  • Higher CTR. When videos are included in emails, the click-through rate skyrockets to 200-300%. The mere use of the word “video” in an email subject line increases open rates by 19%, and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.

Video Marketing Tips and Tricks

To take advantage of video marketing’s continuous growth and to reap the many benefits it can give your business, here are platform-specific video marketing tips and tricks you can undertake.

Instagram. This what used to be a mere photo and video clip sharing platform is now making a wave in social media with its Instagram Stories. At present, many renowned personalities and brands are utilizing Instagram Stories to reach new audiences and test out their content ideas.

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