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எ tamil letter e (U+0B8E) | HTML Unicode Character UTF-8

எtamil letter e (U+0B8E)
MetaUnicode Code PointU+0B8EScriptTamilCategoryOther LetterBlockTamilHTML Entity (Decimal)எHTML Entity (Hexadecimal)எURL Escape Code%E0%AE%8E

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The British Institute of Interior Design - interior designer in uk

The British Institute of Interior Design is the pre-eminent professional organisation for interior designers in the UK. Our growing national and international membership represents both the commercial and residential sectors, from heritage to cutting edge. In addition to rigorous entry requirements which assess training, experience and professionalism, we require our members to continue their professional development throughout their career to ensure their continued expertise in design process, practice and regulatory matters. The British Institute of Interior Design is the only professional organisation for interior designers which has been granted the prestigious and rare accolade of Institute status by the Minister of State as the pre-eminent body in its field.

Our Mission:
The British Institute of Interior Design is committed to encouraging and supporting creativity and competence in the field of interior design through facilitating best practice, practical professional support, …

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ఊ telugu letter uu (U+0C0A) | HTML Unicode Character UTF-8

ఊ telugu letter uu (U+0C0A)
MetaUnicode Code PointU+0C0AScriptTeluguCategoryOther LetterBlockTeluguHTML Entity (Decimal)ఊHTML Entity (Hexadecimal)ఊURL Escape Code%E0%B0%8AUnicode DataBidi ClassLeft To Right (L)Bidi MirroredNEncodingsHTML Entity (Decimal)ఊHTML Entity (Hexadecimal)ఊURL Escape Code%E0%B0%8AUTF-8 (hex)0xE0 0xB0 0x8A (e0b08a)UTF-8 (binary)11100000:10110000:10001010UTF-16/UTF-16BE (hex)0x0C0A (0c0a)UTF-16LE (hex)0x0A0C (0a0c)UTF-32/UTF-32BE (hex)0x00000C0A (00000c0a)UTF-32LE (hex)0x0A0C0000 (0a0c0000)Octal Escape Sequence\340\260\212Source CodeJavaScript and JSON\u0C0AC, C++, and Java\u0C0APython\u0C0APerl\x{C0A}Ruby\u{C0A}CSS\000C0A

ఋ telugu letter vocalic r (U+0C0B) | HTML Unicode Character UTF-8

ఋtelugu letter vocalic r (U+0C0B)
MetaUnicode Code PointU+0C0BScriptTeluguCategoryOther LetterBlockTeluguHTML Entity (Decimal)ఋHTML Entity (Hexadecimal)ఋURL Escape Code%E0%B0%8BUnicode DataBidi ClassLeft To Right (L)Bidi MirroredNEncodingsHTML Entity (Decimal)ఋHTML Entity (Hexadecimal)ఋURL Escape Code%E0%B0%8BUTF-8 (hex)0xE0 0xB0 0x8B (e0b08b)UTF-8 (binary)11100000:10110000:10001011UTF-16/UTF-16BE (hex)0x0C0B (0c0b)UTF-16LE (hex)0x0B0C (0b0c)UTF-32/UTF-32BE (hex)0x00000C0B (00000c0b)UTF-32LE (hex)0x0B0C0000 (0b0c0000)Octal Escape Sequence\340\260\213Source CodeJavaScript and JSON\u0C0BC, C++, and Java\u0C0BPython\u0C0BPerl\x{C0B}Ruby\u{C0B}CSS\000C0BRaw Unicode DataKeyNameValueage