Thursday, 10 August 2017

Best Web Design Blogs

Enthusiastic about web design but not quite sure where to start? The chances are that you’re already aware how wonderful a resource the internet can be; less obvious, however, is exactly which online blogs you can rely on for creative ideas and correct information every time you visit. With hundreds, if not thousands, of self-styled blogs popping up every hour, it pays to know which sites contain the best web design tips available (for amateurs and professionals alike). Luckily, we’ve compiled a handy list for you, so read on to discover where you need to go to find the smartest design techniques and web development tools out there.

Creative Blog

Stock-full of articles about emergent artists and design work, Creative Bloq certainly lives up to its name. With pages dedicated not only to web design but to graphic design, illustration, art, and typography, Creative Bloq recommends a multimedia design approach that will see you dipping in and out of numerous other designers’ ideas and practices. A great site to hit up if you’re eager to keep abreast of current web design trends, Creative Bloq always puts on a good show on its home page, covering everything from self-promotion as a solo designer to how to run design and content sprints.

A List Apart

As far as websites go, A List Apart has been around a long time – since 1998, in fact! Entirely dedicated to web design, this blog is written by the professionals, for the professionals. What’s so great about A List Apart is that it accepts submissions from a huge variety of web designers, meaning that the home page brings together pieces that are both informative and innovative. Don’t expect fancy images and click-bait titles here: what you’re in for with a visit to A List Apart is a steady stream of articles that never fail to deliver on the hot topic of design’s best practices.

Web Designer Depot
Though it’s recently been upgraded from a blog to a proper content hub, Web Designer Depot still retains the cosy feel and format of a traditional self-designed site. It boasts a top-quality group of contributors who really know what they’re talking about – think usability testing tools, UI animation, and weekly pieces on the latest design news. For a true bring-it-all-together-in-one-place website, Web Designer Depot is a great one to add to your bookmarks.

Smashing Magazine

It’s not often that a blog will host all of the information that a web designer desires, but Smashing Magazine comes pretty close. It’s especially useful for all of your coding needs, promoting extensive advice regarding CSS, HTML, and Javascript for all the autodidacts out there. The bevvy of articles about web design are particularly well-done, with informed writers canvassing everything from keeping your web design resilient to step-by-step icon design. 

Design Shack

The epitome of clean, sleek professionalism, Design Shack’s front page should tell you a bit about its ethos. Valuing simplicity and straightforwardness, Design Shack presents information in a totally no-nonsense way, putting the advice front and centre. On the blog, you’ll find articles covering business, freelancing, graphics, HTML, navigation, software, and much more, and you’re free to join the 25,000+ member community to receive weekly inspiration (or to open up submission opportunities, if that’s your thing).

The Moz Blog

The Moz Blog will be your go-to for everything SEO and marketing-related. Regularly updated by industry professionals, the Moz Blog is well-renowned with designers for its salient, creative, one-step-ahead articles, which are all committed to bettering the success rate of your website with online audiences. Cultivating a real community feel, you’re bound to feel part of the web design movement when scouring Moz’s many pages and web design resources.

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