Sunday, 22 July 2018

Sonu Nigam or Sonu Niigaam ??

I know many of you guys been confused. how should spell his name?
Sonu Nigam or Sonu Niigaam ???
Sonu Nigam experimented with his name and numerology, he learned numerology and changed his name’s spelling. and in my opinion that was not really cool.
if someone pronounce it the way its spelled then it’d be awful.
Sonu said that it’s one of the strangest thing he has done so far in his life.
The good thing is that, he has reverted back to The SONU NIGAM.

So guys who are still spelling it Sonu Niigaam and consider themselves superior Sonu Nigam fans. Stop spelling Niigaam. It is Nigam.
Now start Spelling it Sonu Nigam again. 🙂

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