Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Tees Maar Khan Song – Sung by Sonu Nigam in 54 different voices.

Sonu Nigam Sung this Song in 54 different Voices
As we told previously that Shirish Kunder can’t stop praising Sonu Nigam as He has sung in 54 different tracks”

That’s an exceptional thing the singer has done and got praised by the director/music-director Shirish Kunder. Those 54 tracks includes voices of Chinese Girl voice in the beginning in the song (sung by Sonu Nigam). He sang in Akshay’s voice (where he sing ‘Catch me if you can’) and that sounds very good. Sonu Nigam has done a very innovative work, and I think Sonu Nigam is the only singer who has done this type of innovative stuff in bollywood.

You might have noticed in promos where singer’s name is mentioned. They wrote ‘Singers instead of singe’r’. And the Singers are “Sonu Nigam”… looks good and creative

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