Friday, 21 September 2018

7 Weird Car Accessories that Function Awesomely

Oddness is next to greatness. Not because something looks weird doesn’t mean it’s a nay. Sometimes, these funny little things that you don’t see everyday can actually turn ordinary into fabulous. Here’s a list of seven weird car accessories that you didn’t know could help you a lot.

1.Inflatable pool ON CAR?

Who says you can’t swim on a vehicle? Well, you thought you couldn’t but after reading this, you’ll surely realize you can. Setting up an inflatable pool on your pickup truck may be weird for some; but, actually, this resourceful idea can be fun at the same time. Imagine the amount of money you can save from going on a beach resort or jacuzzi. Good news, you can save as much as you can. With this improvised car pool, you can instantly have fun soaking with your family for free.                                             

2.Tent House ON CAR?

A tent on peak of the mountain is possible, but can you imagine a tent on top of your car? In less than thirty minutes, you can install the amazing foldable tent house on your car’s roof deck. The tent package comes with ultra waterproof covered briefcase, installation tools (bolts and screws), and one aluminum ladder. What users also love about this weird accessory, aside from the scenic view up there, is the guaranteed safety that you can experience to avoid possible insect bites and other dangerous animals out there. What are waiting for? Bring that camping trip to the next level now!

3.Mini Fridge ON CAR?

Keeping a cold soda or a hot pie during long travel won’t be a problem anymore. With a mini fridge installed inside, you can cool your soda or warm your pie with its amazing dual purpose. A 6-liter fridge can store up to eight cans of soda. Wonder how it works? It has a power cable cord, about 180 centimeters long, that you can connect to your car instantly. Follow the manual for installation and use.

4.Kitchen ON CAR?

Kitchens should not be left at home. Well, everyone  (including me)  loves food. Needless to say, daily bread is the most important must-have in mountain trek survival. However, some campers think that instant meals aren’t satisfying at all. So, what they do is bring their kitchen with them. This isn’t impossible anymore. You guys can actually set up your own kitchen right inside your car and pull it out whenever you need to start cooking. But take note that you will need a solar or battery operated induction stove to work it out.

5.R2D2 Charger ON CAR?

What you see on this picture is not just the robot from your favorite film. You may find it weird but this robot-like device can charge not just one, but two smartphones at the same time. So you don’t have to worry if your battery gets empty during long hours of travel.

6.Mirror Camera ON CAR?

Rear-view mirror has never been this cool before. I have to admit, the first time I saw this thing, I really thought my eyes were turned. I mean, who would have thought that a simple mirror could be a rear and front view camera? And with the advent of technology, some mirror cameras are now working more like smartphones with its additional functions like full android navigating system, smart touch, video loop recording, FM Radio transmit, and hands-free call using the vehicle’s bluetooth device. 

7.Coffee Maker ON CAR?

Have you ever tried falling in line for half an hour just to get yourself a macchiato? Sounds drooping, right? Instead of stepping out of your car, you can make things lighter by making your own coffee inside. This car accessory called ‘Handpresso’ incredibly works when you connect its cord  with a 12V cigarette lighter, just make sure that the engine is turned on while the vehicle is not moving. To keep it safe, place it on the cupholder next to the front seat. The device has a power button that will allow you make the coffee once you push it. You may check on its manual for complete instructions.


By: Sarah Contreras
Sarah is a full-time blogger focusing on areas of lifestyle and health wellness development. She also writes for the wetseat, Australia’s most trusted shop for car accessories like its best-selling neoprene seat cover. What motivates Sarah to keep writing is her passion of providing information to all readers out there.


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